Assistive Technology (AT) Impact Fund

1 billion people globally have a disability, yet 90% of them lack access to affordable AT innovations which could drastically improve quality of life - that’s at least 900 million people worldwide with an unmet need for AT. Global barriers to market limits access to local solutions. We believe that this needs to change.

We are turning this market failure into the opportunity of a billion by supporting the most promising AT ventures in Africa through the combination of catalytic capital with expert-led venture-building.

To date, ATIF has successfully supported select innovators so that they have an increased likelihood to scale, addressing the highest need in African markets and demonstrating the need for continued investment in other low and middle income countries.

The Assistive Tech Impact Fund is a new mechanism to accelerate the AT market in Africa – where need for innovation and access is greatest. We aim to unlock new solutions for scale, building AT ecosystems and driving change.

What we do:

Grow AT companies

We de-risk AT and inclusive technology innovation that is on a path to sustainable scale in African economies, for follow-on investors and funders. Our team of venture builders assist with everything from business model development, to product design and distribution, to financing, marketing & more.

Provide catalytic funding

We invest venture building support and grant capital in AT and inclusive tech companies to test, validate and evidence their business model for scale. We have startup funding from UK Aid, through the AT2030 programme, and are fundraising to expand and extend our remit.

Facilitate the growth of the ecosystem

In order for AT companies to scale sustainably, we must contribute towards a thriving AT ecosystem. We’ll be investing not only in companies themselves but also in the development of the AT ecosystem by crowding in investors, developing partnerships, and sharing insights from our work.

Build and share evidence

Our team includes world-leading academics from UCL in the AT space. We will generate new insights and evidence on how to scale innovation that is designed to reach populations in Africa and will share our blueprint to help AT companies to thrive in emerging markets.

ATIF Portfolio

In 2021 we tested new financing, distribution and delivery models - focusing on innovative solutions to ongoing challenges:

MiracleFeet - bringing a low-cost, nonsurgical solutions for the treatment of impairment caused by clubfoot

hearX - increasing access to hearing aids by providing alternative distribution models and lay testing

Wazi - The first prescription eyewear brand designed and manufactured in Uganda

Koalaa - Affordable upper limb, soft prosthetic for the Sierra Leone market

OADCPH - facilitating access to quality AT to rehabilitation centres through technical support, innovative distribution and professional capacity development

Find out more about our investment portfolio or watch our recent webinar to meet the ventures.

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Mapping: AT innovators across emerging markets

First-of-its-kind visualisation of key innovators and stakeholders in the AT and disability innovation ecosystem created by Assistive Tech Impact Fund

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Map Mapping: AT innovators across emerging markets

First-of-its-kind visualisation of key innovators and stakeholders in the AT and disability innovation ecosystem created by Assistive Tech Impact Fund

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